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The Redemption House

10 Crescent St, New Haven

The Redemption House is a place for people in recovery to go when they need a place to restart their recovery.

Unfortunately, many addicts relapse as they go through their journey of recovery. Those of us who own recovery houses sometimes have to make hard decisions, having to do what’s best for the safety of the house. This usually means that the person who has relapsed must leave. But what does a person do when treatment is not an immediate option?

Kicking an addict out with no place to go can be disastrous and sometimes deadly. Some addicts end up overdosing when they are asked to leave the recovery house. Another scenario that happens a lot is that the addict will overdose and go to an emergency room, where he or she will be stabilized and then released back out to the streets, again with nowhere to go. Hospitals don’t have enough resources to handle the increasing number of addicts who overdose, and often they do not know how to advise those who truly want to go to treatment, so they give them a list of numbers, some of which might even be outdated, or they tell them to call 211 after they are released back to the streets.

The Redemption House is a bridge to connect people who have relapsed with the resources they need to continue their journey toward recovery. The Redemption House is a non-profit run by volunteers working to keep addicts off the streets and connect them with resources to help them navigate toward recovery. Our primary purpose is to provide resources for the community, for hospitals, for treatment centers, for recovery houses, and, most importantly, to provide a safe place for the addict to stay who is struggling to stay clean and sober while waiting until the more long range services they need are in place.

The Redemption House is a non-profit authentic peer to peer support network, part of a Recovery Community Organization.

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