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This is my first sober house and I would have to say it's more than I ever hoped for. It's very clean & organized, and everybody is serious about recovery. The landlord is very caring about the safety of every individual and is always on top of any maintenance. So if you're looking for a fresh clean start then I definitely recommend this place for anyone who is serious about recovery.


A new beginning exceeded all expectations in regards to my recovery. The house owner truly cares about each individuals progress and current situation. House managers are fair and want nothing more than to ensure the living situation is clean, comforting and most importantly SAFE for people in recovery. In addition, the owner, manager and housemates all work together to ensure the recovery of all people involved is the main priority. Anyone who is serious about their recovery and would like to live with like-minded people would benefit from this experience.

 Ryan S.

My son just moved into his own apartment from Rick's house where he stayed a year. This house gave him the community and recovery that 3 stints in rehab couldn't do. The house holds them responsible for themselves and recovery. My son still stays in touch with many of the relationships that he made in the house. This place gave him truly a new beginning. 

Thank you, Karen

Rick is really doing something great with these houses. I've been with him from the start, and have nothing but praise for everything he has done. He took over a crappy house,and cleaned it out and fixed it up. He tries to help everyone who moves in, and while he'll give you a chance, he always makes sure the residents have a clean, safe place to live by not allowing people who aren't trying to stay clean and better their lives stay. Thank you Rick. I appreciate everything you've done for me.

Billy C.

Rick is the miracle we needed. It was a fluke that my son ended up at one of his houses and it has been nothing but a positive experience for both of us. My son has become part of a recovery support system that encourages personal growth, community service, and camaraderie, while working the 12 step program. I couldn't be happier with the structure of Rick's program and the positive results I am seeing in my son.

-Stacy S

"A New Beginning" sober house community was my first experience with sober house living and in the past I never wanted to try going into one because of all the horror stories I had heard about flop houses and unsafe situations. I couldn't have been more wrong about this community. Rick and his team truly care about touching lives and helping every client to hurdle the barriers of early recovery. Rick visits every house multiple times a week and personally sets time aside to reach everyone in the house. If you're looking for stability, growth and care, then this is the perfect place for you!


A New Beginning Recovery House has been a godsend for my son. It has been a great opportunity for him to work on his recovery in a structured and supportive environment. It is much more than just a place to live but a community that supports, encourages and holds each resident responsible for following the rules and meeting expectations for independence, personal growth and continued sobriety. Rick truly cares about all his residents and works closely with the house managers to ensure a safe, structured place with a well developed recovery network. Thank you Rick. You make a difference everyday in the difficult and caring work you do.


The house my son has lived in for the 2nd time in 3 years, has been a life saver. He has been battling addiction since the age of 18, and after many rehabs and relapses, including 1 after living in the house the first time for 8 months, we we're fortunate enough that Rick gave him a second chance to move back into the house after getting clean again. I have seen such a change in him over the past 1 1/2 years, that I honestly believed I might not ever see. He is going on almost 2 years clean at the age of 31, working full time and has so much more confidence in himself. I highly recommend A new Beginning Recover Houses to anyone who is ready to get serious about their recovery. I know he can't live there forever, but he is definitely learning the skills he needs to one day hopefully venture out on his own and continue his journey. 


A New Beginning Recovery Houses was an answer to prayer. My son had been incarcerated for 2 years in Connecticut and since our family lives in Florida, I was deperate to find a safe living environment for him to go to when released, due to his past struggles with addiction. Without any help from the prison system, I began making calls and searching for an answer and, by God's grace, found out about A New Beginning Recovery Houses. Once I spoke to Rick, I felt we had been rescued. He and his wife, Jessica, helped me manage the details of my son's release as if they were family. I will be forever grateful for their kindness and support during that difficult time. My son left the recovery house after a couple months but relapsed living on his own. He knew he needed help again, and had the courage to reached out to Rick, who once again came to the rescue and has helped my son get thru a very difficult detox period providing understanding, support and accountability, as well as connections to outside resources. Rick and his team know what it takes to help someone succeed with their recovery. Amazing people who make a difference helping others! I believe my son has the best chance he has ever had at succeeding this time, and I am so very grateful to all who are there supporting and encouraging him on this journey. 

- Lisa Auletta

Our son has lived in many sober houses over the last few years. Rick’s houses are so much more than sober houses, they are sober community homes. For the first time our son has felt connected to others who are providing support, guidance and encouragement. We are so grateful for Rick and all of the men at the house for all of their support and kindness. This environment supports positive growth and development while holding men accountable through honest learning and responsibility. We can’t thank you enough.

-Kim Gordon

Because family comes in many forms… Born an only child with four sons to raise did little in preparing me for what life would teach me. My personal journey was less than perfect, unaware of the battles I would face, the trails I would one day need to overcome. While many have functioned in dysfunctional families, the domino effect it has on a child is immeasurable. I have been blessed to watch each of my children grown into men and see first-hand as they redefined their lives, facing obstacles and searching for themselves at a time when many are so lost. As I write this, I feel the tears welling within my eyes for like many of you reading this; a child brings our greatest joy and deepest sorrow. We attempt to give them more than we were given and at times, we draw from a well that runs dry with the exception of our tears. To Rick and Jess, I say thank you. Unaware, my faith would be tested yet again. As I let go of my son’s hand as a mother does when they take their first step, with tears I am thankful for the two of you reaching out to him and saying, “we have you as long as you continue to reach out”. For this, I am thankful, and while God alone knows what our tomorrows bring, the two of you have been a vehicle God has used for me as well as my son. I had to stop blaming myself for some of his choices and understand the journey was his alone to walk. As much as I would love to do the work for him, the journey I have walked and those before him is a testimony that anything is possible. Thank you for reminding me of the promises God has made. Surely, He is a promise keeper and doesn’t speak just to hear Himself speak. Whenever I feel troubled I remember the conversations we have had on the phone so far and I smile, pull back and allow him to take the steps closer to God, building a relationship for himself. May you continue to be a light in the darkness for those trying to find their way out. God continue to bless you and thank you! 

-Pamela Hawkins

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