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Having fun in sobriety and learning to be a part of a team as well a community are so vital to the recovery process. We don't want our clients to sit by themselves, isolate, and feel lonely. We want them to know that with their newfound recovery life is just beginning. 

Men's Weekend Spiritual Retreats in Cape Cod

Showing our clients that recovery is more than just sitting in meetings is important to us. We teach our men how to bridge the gap between sobriety and their newfound lives in recovery by having events and taking them on retreats.  

Raising Awareness With Community Nonprofits

This past Saturday we had the privilege to take part in a community fundraiser for "Matt's Homestead," A nonprofit honored in the name of the late Matt Barba to assist newcomers in sobriety with the essentials they need. Held at the Keystone House in Hamden, this picnic was a true honor for our community to be a part of.

The first "A Promise To Jordan" toy drive was a HUGE success. This past week thanks to many generous donations fathers at Farrell Treatment Center were able to pick and choose presents to give their sons or daughters for Christmas. The men were extremely grateful and thank all those who donated for their kindness during the holidays! "A Promise to Jordan" is doing many wonderful things, and we can't wait to do this again next year! 


Every Saturday morning you can find a group of our guys at the downtown evening soup kitchen giving back and taking part in helping others. 

Working together in our own Community

This past weekend men from our houses came together to help build a deck at Howard Ave. It is such an amazing site to see these men from each house come together to help each other out.  

We Love Recovery. We love our Community.

Through the process of recovery, we have found that no feeling is surpassed more than that of being a part of something greater than ourselves. Our houses regularly band together to strengthen the community, whether it is volunteering at the neighborhood soup kitchens or attending awareness fundraisers. We found that these steps of action in the community build the very foundation for us to stand on while rebuilding our lives.

Unity and Service

Rebuilding Lives with Habitat for Humanity

One of the many ways our group of guys give back is by helping nonprofit organizations like Habitat for Humanity, where we volunteer our time to help build housing for those in need.

March 13, 2019 was another great opportunity for men of the houses to give back and help Habitat for Humanity build a home for a family

On November 2, 2019, some of the residents and myself took the opportunity to help Habitat for Humanity.  Our sons even stopped by to lend a helping hand; they are never to young to start teaching the importance of giving back. 

Street Squad Making A Difference

Every Saturday our sister non-profit organization "Redemption House," takes our clients out into the community and we work to make a difference cleaning our streets. We find that this gives our clients a sense of purpose, belonging and positive outlook on life. Check us out in the New Haven Independent!

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