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A New Beginning Recovery Houses LLC was founded in 2014. We are dedicated to helping individuals in early recovery rebuild their lives. We found, having a recovery community to live in so crucial in early sobriety. When you move into one of the houses, you're not just moving into a sober house, you're moving into a recovery community. We have over 85 men in our houses who are all engaged in recovery and teach each other that giving back is an important component to staying sober. Our houses also maintain a peer support system which has brought great success in changing so many lives. We go to meetings together, take commitments together and rely on one another to build a foundation for our recovery to rest on.

Beyond involvement with the community, our clients learn to lean on one another through their journey to learn from each other and keep each other safe. We hold educational Narcan trainings to equip our clients with life saving skills in the event of an emergency. As much as we hope our clients would never have to use these skills we find these trainings to be imperative and essential to saving lives. 


All of our clients learn the principle of service by getting commitments in the community.


Each of our houses are banded together by guys who are improving their lives by helping one another in their journey of recovery.


New Haven offers an abundance of 12 step meetings in and out of the downtown area, where all of our houses are located.


This is Jordan. He overdosed after leaving Carson's House. His mom, Lisa Gray, also pictured, is starting an organization called "A Promise to Jordan" to help raise awareness and raise money to help people in recovery. We are proud to announce that we were asked to be a part of this amazing organization. 

Brian Cody's Law

We are part of a Recovery Community Organization affiliated with Brian Cody's Law. In an effort to raise awareness of the ongoing opioid epidemic we have partnered up Brian Cody's Law to pass legislation to end the countless deaths that have impacted our community.

We are a CTARR Certified Program. To Learn More about CTARR Please Click Here

The Connecticut Alliance of Recovery Residences (CTARR) is a 501c3 nonprofit. CTARR’s mission is to support recovery residences in CT to practice national quality standards for recovery residences. CTARR inspects and certifies CT recovery homes, provides training and maintains a forum for exchanging ideas, solving problems, providing guidance and to act as an advocate for our members as well as those we serve.

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